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Our mission is to keep our listeners informed on the issues that matter most to them. We broadcast breaking news stories, national and regional reports, and in-depth news coverage. With a full-time news team, accurate and timely releases are our standard.

Special Coverage

The Inland Northwest News Team provides special coverage of political elections, controversial topics, and inclement weather and natural disasters.

Live and Local News Updates

In addition to live breaking news on the air, find the latest local news updates by following Inland Northwest News on Facebook and Twitter.


Staff Photos Web Crop-7 John Thomas has been with IdaVend Broadcasting for over 26 years. John serves as News Director for the nine radio stations operated by IdaVend Broadcasting, Inland Northwest Broadcasting, and KRPL, Inc.




Kelly Livingston serves as the News Director on the Palouse for Inland Northwest Broadcasting & KRPL, Inc.



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