Research & Development

We are one of the few media companies in the nation that has a Research and Development Division.  We focus on creating new solutions for clients through non-traditional means.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing offers businesses the opportunity to partner with nonprofits for advertising. This mutually beneficial relationship helps the business develop a positive public image while giving the nonprofit the valuable marketing power otherwise unavailable to them.

Radio Recruitment

Radio Recruitment offers employers an effective channel through which to recruit candidates for open positions. Job announcements on the radio allow employers to reach more diverse and more employable demographics, improving hiring campaign effectiveness.  

University Relations

We maintain relationships with Washington State University, the University of Idaho, Lewis-Clark State College, and the multiple community colleges in our regional media markets. By offering assistance through radio advertising, a presence at events, and hands-on classroom experiences, broadcasting’s knowledge base is passed on to the next generation.  Our radio stations also have a unique position collaborating closely with an important demographic that forms our region’s economic base.